EU-wide CAM evaluation project

European research co-operation is encouraged by Swiss researchers at KIKOM, Institute of Complementary Medicine, University of Bern. At the ISCMR congress in May, they presented CAMbrella, an idea for a proposition for an EU-wide CAM evaluation project: Assessment of complementary … Læs resten

CAM in EU Health Programme

In a recommendation from the EU Committee on the Environment Public Health and Food Safety, CAM is mentioned clearly. In “Draft recommendation for second reading” it says: “A holistic and pluralist approach to public health is necessary and therefore complementary … Læs resten

CAM out – CAM in!

The Seventh Framework Programme, FP7, is including CAM issues – but CAM is not included in the first two calls in 2007. Monday, December 18th in Brussels, the President of the European Parliament, Josep Borrell and the Finnish Prime Minister, … Læs resten

International congress in May

The International Congress on Complementary Medicine Research will take place May 11-13 2007 in München, Germany. The congress is organized by Centre for Complementary Medicine Research, TU München, in cooperation with The International Society for Complementary Medicine Research, ISCMR. Further … Læs resten