CAM researchers in Europe should be working closer together. A regional chapter will be formed, and if you are a member of ISCMR and want to participate in this task, don’t hesitate.

At the ISCMR congress in May 2007 in Munich, it was decided to allow and encourage the building of regional chapters. An informal core group was formed that can be joined by anyone who is a member of the ISCMR and would like to contribute to this enterprise.

The dates of upcoming meetings are not yet settled, but you may contact ISCMR secretary Corina Güthlin, Germany, for further information. You will find her at this page

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For dig, der er nysgerrig og interesseret i mere end blot behandlingerne. Her får du viden, fakta og meninger om hvad der rører sig. Jeg retter også søgelyset mod hvad der sker i udlandet. 


Jesper Odde Madsen

Du modtager nu mit nyhedsbrev