Centre for Cross-disciplinary Evaluation Studies in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (read more at www.galilei.dk/?page_id=16)

Dansk introduktion til CCESCAM

The research projects:

1. CCESCAM – background and funding
CAM use in Europe and the US, brief overview
Research focus and methodologies

2.1 Aarhus-team, under supervision of Robert Zachariae
2.1.1 CAM and Quality of Life (QoL)
2.1.2 CAM and mechanisms – experimentally induced myalgia
Project 2.1.2 is a post-doc-study conducted by Lene Vase under the supervision of Robert Zachariae and Anders Bonde Jensen.
2.1.3 The effect of acupuncture on palliative care
2.2 Odense-team, under supervision of Anette Damkier
2.2.1 Use and effect of CAM in cancer patients
2.2.2 Complementary medicine for cancer in Italy, India and Denmark – a comparative study of relations between agency, experience and socio-cultural structures of health care.
2.2.3 Implications of therapeutic emplotment in conventional and in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for cancer patients’ illness narratives and experience of quality of life.
2.3 Analysis of the supply of complementary and alternative medical treatments (CAM)
2.4 CCESCAM-VID: Knowledge-sharing, -representation and -conceptualisation in an interdisciplinary environment.



Project specification (pdf)

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