CAM research in Denmark

The Knowledge & Research Centre for Alternative Medicine is partly (50%) financing these two multidisciplinary research groups, with extraordinary grants from the government:

Group 1:
Centre for Cross-disciplinary Evaluation Studies in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, CCESCAM.
This group has established a “brick-less” competence-centre on multidisciplinary effect studies on CAM. The involved institutions include University of Aarhus, Aarhus Business School and Odense University Hospital.

Dansk introduktion til CCESCAM

The research projects

Associate professor Helle Johannessen, Institute of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark: ">

Group 2:
“Centre for Research in Existence and Society”, University of Copenhagen.
The research group will explore the potentials of reflexology, acupuncture and meditation in relation to common diseases like cancer and scleroses.
cand.comm, MPH Soren la Cour: ">


Except for the two multidisciplinary research groups, the largest of the ordinary annual grants from Vifab so far was 2.4 million DKK:

HELZE – a Danish study on Asthma
Homeopathy – Primary care – Reflexology – Evaluation.

A one-year randomised parallel group comparison of usual therapy and the effect of adding reflexology or homeopathy in moderate chronic asthma. The project is a one year study – starting in the beginning of 2006.

The patients will be divided into three groups. One group will receive conventional treatment for their asthma. The second group will in addition receive homeopathic treatment, while the third group in addition will receive reflexology. All patients will be examined regularly for the effects of the treatment.

Reflexologist: Leila Eriksen, ">. Phone: (+45) 43 64 81 39
Homeopath: Anne Langgaard , ">
The project team: ">

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