CAM use in Denmark

“Use of complementary and alternative treatment in Denmark”, Danish National Institute of Public Health, 2015. (Data from 2013).

  • 27 % have been using CAM within the last year.
  • 53,2 % have had CAM experience at some point during their lifetime.
  • The typical CAM-user is a woman, 30-66 years of age, 13-14 years at school.

Most popular CAM treatments: (ever-use)

  • Massage, osteopathy or other manupulative techniques (34,7 %)
  • Acupuncture (25,6 %)
  • Reflexology (21,4 %)

Most of the CAM-treatment providers in Denmark are educated and are practising outside of the established health service. Only a few physicians provide CAM treatments (except for “western style” acupuncture).

No CAM treatment will be paid for by the public health insurance, except for acupuncture carried out by a GP. Denmark has a non-restrictive legislation on CAM. Anyone are allowed to provide CAM, but certain medical procedures and the treatment of certain diseases still must be carried out by established health care personnel.

Interestingly, conventional health care personnel are showing a growing interest in exploring CAM. In 2006 the nurses formed a CAM-organization within The Danish Nurses Organization.

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