CCESCAM research projects

Centre for Cross-disciplinary Evaluation Studies in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (read more at Dansk introduktion til CCESCAM The research projects: 1. CCESCAM – background and funding CAM use in Europe and the US, brief overview Research focus and methodologies … Læs resten

Forskning i the mod type 2-diabetes

Bestyrelsen for Videns- og Forskningscenter for Alternativ Behandling har besluttet at give en stor økonomisk støtte til et forskningsprojekt, som skal undersøge, om en særlig the kan bruges til behandling af type 2-diabetes. Det er post.doc. Joan Campbell-Tofte fra Danmarks … Læs resten

CAM research in Denmark

In 2004, the government gave ViFAB the opportunity to increase the funding and encourage universities to initiate CAM research. Total amount: 10 mill DKK. ( the condition for being eligible were that the researchers would find the resource to co-financing in equal amounts).

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CAM use in Denmark

CAM use in Denmark 20,1% have used CAM within the last year. 40,2% of the population have had CAM experience at some point during their lifetime. The typical CAM-user is a woman, 30-66 years of age, 13-14 years at school. … Læs resten